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We are your source for quality ATV's, Automobiles, Heavy Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Power Tools, Engines, Parts and more. We can locate any type of equipment for your needs. We maintain a low overhead structure so we can pass the savings onto our customers.В

At ADI, we believe in providing our customers with quality, new and used, products at great prices. We invite you to browse our site and check out our inventory. Please contact us today so we can help you find the equipment to satisfy your needs.

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We specialize in the gold mining industry, with a focus on ATVвs & parts, as well as engines and various mining components.ВADI also supply's heavy machinery, industrial equipment, power tools, vehicles and more. In addition we have the ability to meet unconventional requests - ADIвWe supply

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We are actively purchasing items ranging from atv's to power tools to clothing. Please contact us if you have any items you'd like to sell.